Decades of insufficient action for mitigating GHG emissions have set the world on the current trajectory to overshoot the internationally agreed target of limiting global warming to 1.5°C, enshrined in the Paris Agreement. National mitigation commitments are inadequate to even stay well below 2°C of global warming, creating unacceptable risks for human societies and ecosystems, […]

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Overshooting 1.5°C is fast becoming inevitable. Minimising the magnitude and duration of overshoot is essential

A rapid and managed fossil fuel phase-out is required to stay within the Paris Agreement target range

Robust policies are critical to attain the scale needed for effective carbon dioxide removal (CDR)

Over-reliance on natural carbon sinks is a risky strategy: their future contribution is uncertain

Joint governance is necessary to address the interlinked climate and biodiversity emergencies

Compound events amplify climate risks and increase their uncertainty

Human immobility in areas exposed to climate risks is increasing

New tools to operationalise justice enable more effective climate adaptation

Reforming food systems contributes to just climate action

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